Kolide Cloud
total fleet visibility; powered by osquery
Ready, Set, Done
Kolide Cloud is the fastest way to get started with Osquery in your organization. Following our setup guide, you can have Kolide on your machine and reporting insights in less than two minutes flat. Our pre-built packages make organization-wide deployment a piece of cake with the tools you already use today.
Auto Device Association with G Suite
Kolide makes associating devices with your users a breeze. When the Kolide agent is installed on a device it cross-references your G Suite team to assign devices to their users. Stop playing Guess Who when it comes to asset tracking and management! Automagically assign all of your devices in just minutes.
Transparent, User-Centered Security
Kolide believes that transparency is the key to a successful security posture. The Kolide Desktop App gives every user in your organization insight into the health and security of their device and alerts them when they fall out of compliance.
The Device is in the Details
The moment you install Kolide, it begins checking your device for common problems. Issues such as missing disk encryption, unconfigured firewalls, incorrect sharing permissions, and more. Get deep level insight into the state of your device.
Critical Device Details
Installed Apps
Browser Extensions
Other Agents' Health
Instant Answers - Like Right Now
Sometimes you need to ask a device a specific question that moment. Live query gives you the freedom of osquery's entire data schema to check the real-time state of any item you like.Convert Live Query to Collection
Collect critical data, drive decisions
Sometimes the question you want to ask requires data from the past. Collections allow you to capture ongoing streams of data and alert when changes occur. Get notified of critical data the moment it appears. Customize your device views with any piece of information you wish to track.
Get notified, fix problems
Kolide can tell you right away when things are wrong via Slack or Email. With our upcoming Webhooks feature, you can even script custom responses to changes in the state of your device.