Endpoint Security
for Teams That Slack
Make your users part of the security team
1. Setup Your Checks
Kolide will check your users' devices each day to make sure they are compliant with your security policy or don't have serious issues like malware. Kolide has you covered, whether they have macOS, Windows, or Linux.
2. Install our Slack App
If Kolide detects your users' devices are failing any checks, it will message them toward the end of the day on Slack with an easy to understand explanation of the problem and step-by-step instructions on how fix it.
3. Your Users Resolve Problems
By using the Slack app, your users can confirm they have fixed the problem in real-time. If they need some extra help, they can easily escalate the issue to your team, so you can help them solve the problem together.

Kolide picks up the Slack

Many of the issues that affect device security can be self-resolved by the user. User centered security starts with transparency and effective communication. Leverage the awesome power of Slack and automatically send Direct Messages to users with information about their device and how to resolve simple issues.

Slack Messages

Keep your infrastructure in check

From security preferences to the presence of malware, Checks are a list of items that you want to monitor across your organization. When a Check fails, Kolide will reach out to you or your end-user with instructions on how to fix the problem.

Everything in its right place

Kolide collects a detailed inventory that puts all of your IT assets and their metadata at your fingertips. Whether you need to look-up the 2FA status of an employee's GitHub account, see when a device's password was last changed, or just explore the software installed across your fleet, Kolide Inventory will be able to answer your questions immediately.