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Our Story

Kolide was built to fix cybersecurity.

Organizations are not homogeneous units, they are a collection of people, devices, services, ideas, and outputs. While the complexity and diversity of these organizations' assets increase, today's cybersecurtiy companies continue to treat them like monolithic Microsoft Windows shops. They focus on niche risks and boutique adversaries that make up the minority of compromises in our industry instead of the use-cases and interactions that can actually cause major security breaches.

Due to this lack of foresight, the next generation of fast-growing companies are building their own solutions to their unique security and infrastructure monitoring challenges.

Our Mission

Kolide was founded to help organizations with today's complex security, compliance, and operational needs. We've taken the best of what large web-scale enterprises are able to build for themselves and made it simple to deploy, easy to configure, and immediately useful.

Black Box Security. Unboxed

Unlike most endpoint security companies that fanatically protect the intellectual property of their agent, Kolide was created using Osquery, an open-source agent originally developed by co-founders Mike Arpaia and Zach Wasserman during their time on Facebook’s security team.

Kolide believes collecting useful data from a device, while important, is essentially a commodity. Kolide believes security companies should be paid based on the quality of insights derived from that data and the speed at which those insights are provided.

From the Creator of Osquery

Kolide is a state of the art host monitoring platform built on top of Facebook’s osquery agent. Built by CTO, Mike Arpaia, Osquery transforms your infrastructure into a rich database that you can query with standard SQL.

  • Osquery runs performantly on hundreds of thousands of real production systems serving the world's fastest growing organizations.
  • Osquery allows you to access over 4500 unique data points across macOS, Linux and Windows operating systems.
  • Osquery is 100% open-source and as a result, it receives intense scrutiny, new features, and regular updates from the community.

In addition to Osquery, Kolide has contributed its own open-source technologies (Kolide Fleet and Launcher) to help organizations deploy and manage large osquery fleets.

Facts & Figures


Kolide is a security focused infrastructure analytics company. We specialize in collecting and analyzing data from your organization's devices to deliver actionable insights through a thoughtful user experience. We answer all of your infrastructure questions, especially the ones you didn't think to ask.


Kolide is a Boston-born startup located in Somerville, Massachusetts in the heart of Davis Square. Kolide practices a remote-first engineering culture, and our team is spread across the country, including Colorado, California, New York, Minnesota and Florida.

Kolide Cloud Features

User-Driven Security

Establish best practices that your organization should follow. The Kolide Desktop App helps your employees understand and comply with your policies.

Get Deeper Insights

Be notified when a machine is susceptible to recently published exploits and vulnerabilities. Gain insight into insecure behaviors that are indicative of compromise to detect unknown exploits.

Discover Popular Queries

Take advantage of our feed of curated osquery queries that identify insecurity throughout your fleet. Integrate these queries into your detection pipeline quickly and easily.

Accurate Device Ownership

Getting accurate, real-time data about who is using which devices can be difficult. Kolide automatically analyzes artifacts on desktops to accurately determine device ownership.

Latest Investor

Matrix Partners

Recent Funding

$8M (Series A)
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Founding Team Bios

Founding Team Photo

In order from left to right: Mike Arpaia, Jason Meller, Zachary Wasserman

Mike Arpaia, Jason Meller, Zachary Wasserman

Jason Meller, CEO & Co-Founder

Jason is the CEO and co-founder of Kolide, an early-stage, Boston-based cyber security startup. Jason has spent his 10-year career building technology that enables cyber security professionals to protect their interests from the threats they will face. Before founding Kolide, Jason served as Chief Security Strategist at publicly traded cyber security firm FireEye. There, he was responsible for conceptualizing, building, and deploying key products, including their managed services and threat Intelligence offerings.

Prior to FireEye, Jason co-founded and served as CEO of Threat Stack, a Techstars-backed cloud security startup. Before which, he served as a product manager at incident response firm Mandiant. Prior to Mandiant, he was a core member of Richard Bejlicth’s elite GE Computer Incident Response Team.

Mike Arpaia, CTO & Co-Founder

Mike Arpaia is the CTO and Co-Founder of Kolide and the creator of osquery, which he developed, open-sourced, and widely deployed while working at Facebook. While at Facebook, he then went on to lead the company's intrusion detection efforts, where he was responsible for all infrastructure and network instrumentation.

Before his time at Facebook, Mike worked at Etsy on a custom host intrusion detection product, which he deployed and managed across Etsy's corporate infrastructure. Mike is excited to continue working on open source technologies in the operating system instrumentation and analytics domain, which continues to be a passion area for him.

Zachary Wasserman, Principal Engineer & Co-Founder

Zach Wasserman is a Principal engineer and Co-Founder of Kolide. Zach cut his teeth on security while studying computer science at UPenn, hacking the FBI's new P25 radio protocol. His interest in problems of security and scale led him to building intrusion detection and access control software on Facebook's security team. While at Facebook, he became involved with early Osquery development. In 2015, Zach left Facebook to form his own software security consulting firm, Tenaya Consulting. He is now excited to be helping users maximize the value of open source security tools.

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